Awesome levels of Stupid

Awesome levels of Stupid

Sometimes, the stupidity of people truly awes me.

There is actually a point at which the Stupid must be deliberate and contrived because no one could reach such dizzy heights (or depths, depending on how you look at it), without serious study and practice.

What saddens me is the trait appears so often in business owners. No reason it shouldn’t, I suppose, since I’m not aware of any causal link between intelligence and entrepreneurialism, but it’s one of those irrational desires I harbour.

Here’s a case in point: business owners on Facebook who comment on ads appearing in their newsfeed and calling them ‘spam’. I’m sure non-business owners make similar comments, too, because the targeting, while fairly precise, isn’t always accurate.

Fact is, Facebook places those ads, not the advertiser. Writing nasty comments to the advertiser is a bit like pissing and moaning at your neighbour because you don’t like the ads he runs in the local press.

Secondly, they have no idea at all what they are commenting on. None. If they did, they’d maybe spend less time pissing and moaning and more time actually doing stuff. Perhaps this is one reason 80% of businesses go out of business in the first five years of trading.

And thirdly, they seem to labour under the misapprehension Facebook somehow owes them an experience Just How They Like It.

Nope. As a publicly traded public company Facebook has a legal obligation to maximise returns for the shareholders. In most cases this means maximising sales, revenues, and profits. And when there’s no product on sale and you’re given access to loads of cool stuff for free, then YOU, the user are the saleable commodity.

And if you don’t like that… don’t use Facebook.

Of course, things being what they are and people being Stupid, the people who piss and moan about ads are generally the same people who think services like Facebook are some kind of “human right”. They’re business owners, but they don’t live in the business world, at least not mentally.

That’s why they’re pissing and moaning about fellow business owners growing their businesses instead of perhaps following their example.